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Administrative Team

ana martin 3.JPG

Ana Martin- Principal

  Stephanie Lyle- Associate Principal
  Jeffrey Burnthorn- Director of Instruction
Assistant Principals
  A-Ca- Jenny Landry
  Cb-F Emily DeNease
  G-Ji Bishop Silmon
  Jj-Mc- Betty Hunter
  Md-P- Radele Walker
  Q-Sr- William Felder
  St-Z- Ricca Meyers
Achievement Team
  Gina Childers-Academic Achievement Specialist
  Ruth Stephens- DI Helping Instructor
  Ricca Meyers-Administrator for Special Education
  Angie Maxey-Testing Coordinator
  Patricia Grosch- Registrar
  Stephanie Heefner- Lead Counselor
  Rebecka Whitney- Principal's Administrative Assistant

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