Daily attendance is vital to the successful education of your child. Should your child be absent, please contact one of the following attendance staff members:

A-L  Pamela Lorenz 281 897-4675

M-Z   Amanda Babb 281 897-4640

FAX 281-897-4641

We are here to help you and want your student to be successful at Cy-Fair High School. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance. 


Please call the attendance office as early as possible if your student is not going to be attending school that day. You may leave a phone message with the student’s full name and grade. An excuse note will need to be turned in to the attendance office when your student returns to school.

If a student is absent and the Attendance Office has not been notified, the parent or guardian will receive an automated phone call notification of the absence. 

Excused Absences

A note from a parent or doctor must be received within 3 days to excuse an absence. Anything received after 3 days will be processed as a “late note”. Students who have 3 unexcused absences without notes will receive a Court Warning Letter by mail from the Truant Officer. You may fax your notes to our office at 281-897-4641.

Early Release

If your student needs early release, please ask your student to bring a note to the attendance office as early in the day as possible. The note will need the student’s name, grade, and time to be released, along with a phone number and a parent’s signature. Our office willcall to confirm the student’s early release before the student will be allowed to leave campus. When we get confirmation by phone, the student can sign out and meet their parent/guardian out front or leave in their own vehicle. Leaving campus with just a phone call from a parent is not sufficient.

Arriving Late

Classes begin at 7:20 a.m. Students arriving late (within the first 10 minutes of class) will go directly to their first period and teachers will mark them tardy. Students arriving after 7:30 must sign-in at the Attendance Office for an “Admit to Class Pass”, this becomes an absence. Without a parent or guardian note, they will incur an unexcused absence.

Student ID’s

All students will be issued a picture ID which will be used to record attendance and be used for other functions. Please impress upon your student the importance of wearing their ID to school every day. 

Deliveries to your student

Out of respect for the learning environment of teachers and students, we are unable to deliver anything except messages to your student’s classroom. Messages will only apply towards doctor appointments, legal documents, change of transportation, and medical situations with immediate family members. Please be sure your student has all he/she needs before he/she leaves for school. Any items brought to school must be left up front by the reception desk.  Advise your student to check the reception desk between classes, if they left any items at home. There will be emergency situations, and when those cases arise, we will be happy to work with you.

Semester Exemptions

All students in grades 9-12 shall have the opportunity to earn exemptions from fall and spring semester exams.

Freshmen shall be allowed one exemption per semester; sophomores, two exemptions per semester; juniors, three exemptions per semester; and seniors, four exemptions during the fall semester and seven exemptions during the spring semester. These exemptions shall be based on attendance, conduct and grades for each semester.

A student shall be exempt from an examination when he or she has a grade of A (90-100) or B (80-89) and has no more than three absences from that course in the semester. A student will be counted as absent if the student is not in class at the official attendance-taking time. Exception: Students who are on campus at the time attendance is taken but who are not in their assigned classroom are considered in attendance, provided they were with a campus official (ex. Nurse, Counselor, Assistant Principal, etc.) 

Even when a student has earned an exemption, he or she may elect to take the exam. If a student chooses to exempt an exam, he/she may still attend school.  If the student chooses not to attend the class, he/she will be counted as absent.  This absence will be reflected on the student’s report card. No student shall be exempt from exams while owing fees or costs of textbooks. 

The following guidelines shall determine how various types of absences shall count for purposes of these exemption criteria: 

  • Classes missed because of school-sponsored field trips and college days shall not count against a student. College days are limited to no more than two days per junior year and two days per senior year.  
  • Class absences resulting from a meeting initiated by an administrator or counselor shall not count against the student. 
  • Classes missed because a student chooses to visit a clinic or a counselor, without being required to do so, shall count as an absence. 

If a student is suspended (out of school) or assigned to a DAEP for any number of days, he or she shall lose eligibility for exemptions during that semester.

All students will have the opportunity for exemptions from final semester exams based on attendance and grades according to the following:

Fall & Spring Exemptions

Exempted Exams allowed:

Numerical Grade

Number of Absences Allowed

9th grade = 1 per semester



10th grade = 2 per semester



11th grade = 3 per semester



12th grade = 4 (Fall);
7 (Spr) per semester




Note:  Any student may elect to take an exam even though he/she has qualified for an exemption. If the exam grade will improve the student’s grade, he/she may choose to have the exam grade count.

For more information regarding Final Exam Exemptions please refer to the Student Handbook pages 12-13. The Student Handbook can be found at

College Day Requests

Juniors & Seniors – It’s time to schedule a visit to a college of your choice.

  • Two college day visits allowed for this school year
  • Parent & student signatures are required on the college request form
  • Signature of college representative is required, along with a signed letter on school letterhead or college seal

The final college day for the fall semester is December 7, 2018. The final day for the spring semester is May 10, 2019.

Military Branch Visitation Request

  • Students are allowed a total of four days during their enrollment in high school for activities related to pursuing enlistment in a branch of the U.S. Armed Services or Texas National Guard
  • Parent & student signatures are required on the military branch visitation request form
  • Signature of the appropriate military representative is required along with a letter from the military branch

The final visitation day for the fall semester is December 7, 2018. The final day for the spring semester is May 10, 2019.

Warning Notices/Parent Notification - Unexcused Absences

A parent or guardian will be notified when their student is absent from school three days or parts of days in a four-week period (court warning letter) and is absent for 10 or more days or parts of days in a six-month period (10-day absent letter) when the absences are without parental consent (unexcused absences).  Note:  NC - No Contact is an unexcused absences.

Loss of Credit Due to Excessive Absences (EA)

A student may not receive credit for a class unless he/she had been in attendance for at least 90% of the days the class is offered during the semester.  If a student is in attendance for at least 75% but less than 90%, a student can be given credit for a class if the student completes a plan approved by the school principal that provides for the student to meet the requirements of the course.  Parents or guardians will be notified by mail after the student’s fifth (5th) absence in a class. 

Verification Of Enrollment – VOE

A student may sign up for a VOE in the attendance office between 7:00 am and 1:00 pm. The student may pick up their VOE at the end of the school day in the attendance office.

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