Daily attendance is vital to the successful education of your child. Should your child be absent, please contact one of the following attendance staff members:

A-G  Carol Hardin-281 517-2621

H-N  Pamela Lorenz 281 897-4675

O-Z   Amanda Babb 281 897-4640

To Print a copy of the information letter below (Click Here)

Dear Parents and Guardians:

It is the goal of Cy-Fair High School to keep an accurate record of your student’s attendance as required by the State of Texas. In order to do this, we need your help and cooperation.  We have outlined some helpful tips below.  In addition, the CFISD website provides detailed attendance information in the Student Handbook in Section I.



Please call the attendance office as early as possible if your student is not going to be attending school that day.  You may leave a message day or night on our voicemail with your student’s name, grade, reason for absence, and your name and telephone number.  Your student will also need to bring in an excuse note to the attendance office upon return.



The Attendance Office must receive WRITTEN notes or doctor’s notes for All ABSENCES.   Please ensure that you or your student delivers this note directly to the attendance office.   Notes received after the 3rd day will be processed as a “late note” which remains an unexcused absence. The notes must be signed by a parent/guardian or doctor and brought to the Attendance Office explaining why he/she was absent.



During the school day, a student is considered tardy if he/she arrives to school within the first 10 minutes of class.  Arrival after the first ten minutes shall be treated as an absence for that class and any classes missed before that period.  All students, without an excuse, arriving after 1st period has begun, will go straight to Tardy Sweep.  Students, already on campus, that are tardy between classes will receive a tardy from their teacher. All students, with a note or accompanied by a parent, arriving after the period has begun will sign in with the attendance office and be given a pass to class.



If your student needs early release, guardians please provide a note with the student’s name, grade, time to be released, phone number, and a guardian’s signature. Have them bring the note to the attendance office as early as possible in the morning. Attendance will call a guardian to confirm the student’s early release before the student will be allowed to leave campus.  After confirming with the guardian, the student can sign out and meet their ride out front or leave in their own vehicle.  Students are not allowed to leave campus with just a phone call from a guardian. If a guardian needs to pick up a student early, but did not send the student with a note, the guardian must come in to the attendance office with a photo ID. We will then send for the student. Students must always remember to sign back in with the attendance office when returning from an appointment.  If they do not sign in they will be marked absent for the rest of the day. 


DELIVERIES to your student:

Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver items/money to your student’s classroom. All items being dropped off must be left in the Library after checking in at the front reception desk. This process can take some time, so please try to ensure your student has all he/she needs before he/she leaves for school.  Advise your student to check the Library between classes, if they are expecting a delivery. 



According to TEA Student Handbook, students must be in attendance 90% of the school year.  Therefore, they are only allowed 8 excused absences per period/course for the first semester and 10 excused absences per period/course for the second semester.  Absence letters will be sent to you as your student accumulates 5 absences for any one period.  Excessive Absence letters will be sent to you as your student accumulates more than the allowed absences per semester.  Absences exceeding the designated amount per semester must be made up with approval from his/her Assistant Principal or credit for the course will be lost.

COURT WARNING LETTERS: A CFISD Attendance Officer will send these letters after 3 unexcused absences.  Unexcused absences are absences in which the attendance office did not receive a note within the 3 school days following an absence, when a student skips a class or when the student is more than 10 minutes late any period without a note. If a student is more than 10 minutes late to Tardy Sweep, it will be counted as an unexcused absence.


You may, also, find information regarding attendance in the Student Handbook on our school website. Go to, Parents & Students, Student Code of Conduct/Student Handbook and view pages H-8 through 8-13


Thank you



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